Importing – Getting It Right Out Of China

The way to value the hazards and best practice for importing products from China. An insider practical guide to the pitfalls and opportunities.

Sources for products in China

First establish that the provider is! It appears apparent but there are lots of routes to purchasing goods in China via brokers, trading companies, factories and Chinese wholesale and special discount websites or any range of “back door” resources. Agents work on a fee basis whilst trading businesses include prices in the quoted cost, many wholesalers and factories don’t have export shipments so need to work through a registered broker or trading company to export to you personally whatsoever.

In my experience nearly every sales person I have fulfilled in China that really isn’t the person who owns the company has demonstrated interest in putting up by himself with “stealing” his company’s clients and merchandise layouts or just performing his own bargains on both sides via friends, contacts or loved ones.

Online there are lots of scams and suspicious “dealers”. But accepting that you’re fortunate or diligent enough to discover a valid agent/trading business, you’ll realize that Chinese company ethics are extremely distinct. Most Chinese contacts and friends, I have spoken to about the topic, consider that “cheating” is actually the title of this sport for men and women in business.

Negotiating the cost is the art form badly practiced at the West within my opinion. Certainly in road purchases at China you might well believe you’ve done well to decrease the price initially quoted by 20 percent or more (frequently the conventional negotiating “add-on” will be 50 percent in road markets) that this figure can be quite much higher for burglars. Whilst the situation might be quite a little different for much more formal buying the attorneys are the same.

But then you will find of the “extras” like packaging materials, printing and also slight adjustments, inland prices etc that may be utilized to raise the cost back up, or even some potentially a worse situation is the tradition of cutting corners on quality and materials to recover the lost perimeter.

Possessing a fantastic sense of the inclusive price from lots of providers for the particular product that you need gives you the buying power to negotiate and purchase the ideal product from your chosen provider at a fair price ideally with no “extras”.