Interesting Trends In Elf Names

It’s fairly intriguing in addition to intriguing to notice that the trends in Elf Names in the previous two years. For me personally, from the minute that you determine that you’re likely to have a kid, searching for a best name is among the exciting and difficult tasks available. Some parents-to-be possess their preferred names already in your mind even before a child is conceived. For many others, they research about the top names, take ideas from family members and friends or perhaps look at foreign lands to get the perfect name.

These days, the web is now the favorite tool for visitors to research on great names. If you have a peek at the site of the American Social Security Administration, you’ll locate the most well-known names by year listed on the website. While moving through the data on children’s names, I discovered some genuinely fascinating facts.

For starters, the name Jacob has been the very popular selection for a boy’s name in the year 2009. However, what grabbed my attention was the exact same name was most popular from 1999 till date. Before researching about the very well-known Elf Names for the last ten years, I’d not have envisioned the name Jacob would top the record ten years in a row. Obviously what’s even more intriguing is how the exact same name doesn’t even feature in the top 20 most well-known names in the year 1989. This usually means the name Jacob has got really common in the last ten years, popular enough to top the charts year after year.

Another interesting trend, but none that amazed me a great deal, was that the name that always featured in the top 3 hottest boy names was Michael. To be honest, I’d imagined Michael are the most popular name year following year but looking at the data, I understood although it’s a popular name, it isn’t the number one name now. However, as I said, it’s the name that’s consistently appearing at the top 3 not only for the last decade but for the previous twenty years also.